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Story of the Dully Na Characters

dully na cat , dullyna cat , dullynacat

I forgot the boss's name. I only remember the good scent of cigar and smell of black leather shoes.  I am GRANDE.  My new life has begun from the time when I got out of the home with a lighthearted mind.


Carelessly, I was wandering off in a downtown, my language didn't work and got lost, but AMIGO was the guy who helped me. He is a rat but he is really smart, speaks English and Italian, yes he is a bilingual. With respect and love, I call him AMIGO.


Nowadays, I can spend a good time with my fellows.



This guy is a male calico cat. He seems a rare existence but I don’t care about it. More than that, he is the best close friend. When I was almost captured by animal control officers and nowhere to escape, he devoted his life to save me. Can’t thank him enough.



 The fellow is good at hiding in darkness, always watches enemies from darkness for us.



His body is very flexible, can get into any narrow gap.



She is like a mother for all the members. Just her one word may influence others more than me. Mother is amazing.



She is like a little sister. Her mischievousness acts always annoys us. She is reckless but cannot hate her. Never get tired of watching her.



 This guy is smart and skillful.  Let him do many things, most of the time, it goes well.



 She is a baby rather than little sister. Honestly, can’t stop watching her.  I am often scolded from Striscia.


Now, I am living with these members near the port.

Don’t misunderstand us. We may seem to be dull at a glance, but we are the very best group in the town.  In fact, those street cats in the town are protected by our order.

Our street, our story.

The events we got through were miracle

Yet, we are going to continue making our drama Ride on, let’s explore the town together!

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